Why the Use of Cow-Dung in Bio-Gas Plants is Preferred Instead of Burning Cow-Dung Cakes for Cooking

(i) Cow-dung contains important nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus, which are very useful for crops. Now, when the cow-dung is used to prepare bio-gas, then the residue left behind is still rich in nutrients and can be used as manure.

But if the cow-dung is burnt in the form of dried cow-dung cakes, then the nutrient contained therein are destroyed and hence cannot be used as manure.

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(ii) The fuel (bio-gas) obtained by the use of cow-dung in bio-gas plants does not produce any smoke on burning and does not cause air-pollution.

On the other hand, cow-dung cakes on burning produce a lot of smoke which causes air pollution.

(iii) The fuel obtained by the use of cow-dung bio-gas plants is a clean fuel and does not leave behind any ash or residue. On the other hand, cow-dung cakes do not burn completely and leave behind a lot of ash.


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