Useful Notes on the Structure and Functioning of Nephrons

(ii) Functioning of nephron:

Filtration of blood takes place in Bowman’s capsule from the capillaries of glomerulus. The filterate passes into the tubular part of the enthrone. This filterate contains glucose, amino acids, urea, uric acid, salts and a major amount of water.

(iii) Reabsorption:

As the filterate flows along the tubule, useful substances such as glucose, amino acids, salts and water are selectively reabsorbed into the blood by capillaries surrounding the nephron tubule.

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The amount of water reabsorbed depends on the need of the body and also on the amount of wastes to be excreted.

(iv) Urine:

The filtrate which remained after reassertion is called urine. Urine contains dissolved nitrogenous waste i.e., urea and uric acid, excess salts and water. Urine is collected from nephron by the collecting dust to carry it to the ureter.


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