Useful Notes for School Students on Various Functions of the Blood

(i) Respiratory function:

Blood transports oxygen from the lungs to body organs and C02 from body organs to lungs.

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(ii) Transport of food:

Blood carries digested food to different cells of the body.

(iii) Transport of hormones:

Hormones are transferred from their place of secretion to their place of action through blood.

(iv) Thermoregulation:

Blood also maintains proper body temperature.

(v) Regulation of water and balance of acid and base:

Blood brings about the balance of acid, base and regulates water contents of the body.

(vi) Removal of metabolic wastes:

Blood carries various metabolic wastes to kidney, skin and intestines for excretion.

(vii) Besides the above functions blood also protects our body against micro-organisms.

(viii) Blood also helps in the formation of a clot in the event of an injury to prevent further loss of blood.


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