Understanding the Impacts of Greenhouse Effect on Earth (Notes for Students)

An increase in atmospheric concentrations of other trace gases such as chlorofluorocarbons (Freons), nitrous oxide, and methane, due again largely to human activity, may also aggravate greenhouse conditions and the IR active gases responsible for the effect are likewise referred to as greenhouse gases. They are mainly

CO2 – 52%, CH, – 24%, N2O – 18%, CFC’s – 6%.

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Impact of Greenhouse Effect:

i. Such global warming would cause the polar ice caps and mountain glaciers to melt rapidly and result in appreciably higher coastal waters.

ii. The increase in global temperatures is expected to result in other climate changes including rises in sea level and changes in the amount and pattern of precipitation.

iii. The rise in global temperature would also produce new patterns and extremes of drought and rainfall, seriously disrupting food production in certain regions.

iv. Effect on human health.

v. Effects on agriculture.


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