Short Summary of “The Journey to Golgotha” by K. Raghavendra Rao

1.7: one child: refers to the king himself in this ‘merry old tale’ meaning that he was ignorant and immature.

1.10: king of those wild wastes: Jesus Christ wandered in wilderness for forty days and nights when the Devil made repeated attempts to tempt him but failed.

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1.11- 14: Refer to the well-known miracles performed by Christ.

1.18-19: Refer to the introduction above.

1.20: Judas Iscariot whom Jesus had trusted as one of his faithful disciples betrayed him.

1. 22: It was a very artless betrayal and Jesus could easily see through Judas’ treachery, for when Judas gave a signal to the officers of the temple, by kissing Jesus, He said to Ju­das, “Do you betray the Son of Man with a kiss?”

II. 23-26: The betrayal of Christ by Judas was nothing compared with many other worse betrayals the world is witness to.


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