Section 183 of Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (Cr.P.C.) – Explained!

The section provides that the Court having local jurisdiction at the place of termination of the journey is also competent to inquire into or try the accused for an offence committed in course of a journey.

The provisions of this section are applicable only when the journey is continuous and uninterrupted and the section applies only for trial of offences committed in India and not abroad.

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In a case, where a quarrel took place on a running train between Shahjahanpur and Moradabad and the accused got down at Moradabad, but the complainant terminated his journey at Jallundhar, where he files the complaint against the accused, it was held that the Jallundhar Court had the jurisdiction to try the case as per the provision contained in Section 183 of the Code.


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