Functions of the Court of Sessions in India – Explained!

Moreover, the Sessions Judge of one session’s division may be appointed by the High Court to be also an Additional Sessions Judge of another division, and in such a case, he may sit for the disposal of cases at such place or places in other division as the High Court may direct.

Ordinarily, a Court of Session holds its sittings at such place or places as the High Court may specify. However, if in any particular case, the Court of Session is of the opinion that it will be for the general convenience of the parties and witnesses to hold its sittings at any other place in the session’s division, it may do so with the consent of the prosecution and the accused.

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It is also provided that all Assistant Sessions Judges are subordinate to the Sessions Judge in whose Court they exercise jurisdiction. It is for the Sessions Judge to make rules, from time to time, as to the distribution of business amongst the Assistant Sessions Judges.


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