Describe Three Methods of Plant Propagation which are commonly used for Growing Garden Plants

After sometime, the cutting gives rise roots and the cutting grows into a new plant. The cutting method of propagation is commonly used to grow rose, bougainvillea, sugarcane, pine-apple plants.

(ii) Layering:

In this method a branch of the plant that is bent towards ground. The bent portion of the branch is covered with the moist soil.

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Sometimes pegs are used to keep the branch in the soil. The portion of the branch to be kept in the soil is injured by giving oblique cuts (tonguing) V-shaped cuts (notching) by removing rings of bark (ringing).

Many plants like raspberry, strawberry produce natural layers which can be separated from parent plant. After sometime, the adventitious roots develop from the branch.

It becomes a plantlet. The plantlet is separated from the parent plant and allowed to grow into a new individual plant. This method is used to grow jasmine (chameli), cherry.


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